About Us

GMT Fuarcilik (Trade Fair Organisation), a GM Center company, that wants to convey an innovative understanding of tourism fairs with a new vision in Antalya, the heart of Turkish tourism. The GM Center is a group of companies that focus on tourism together with GMT Fuarcilik (Trade Fair Organisation), GM Tourism and Management Magazine, the advertising agency Gmedya, GM Hotels and Gmood Travel.

The GM Tourism and Management Magazine, which has been published monthly for 16 years, along with the QM Awards that have been organised for 10 years, is the most important tourism and management magazine in the Turkish tourism industry.

GMT Fuarcilik (Trade Fair Organisation) offers tourism products from Antalya and Turkey to the world tourism industry as part of the Lastminute Fair, and aims to create an improved and strengthened dialogue with our country for tourism professionals, investors and new entrepreneurs.